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Reading Roundup: The Problems of Philosophy by Bertrand Russell

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03 October 2011 | 05:57 pm

The Problems of Philosophy by Bertrand Russell
Mineola: Dover, 1992 (1912). Trade paperback, 121 pages. New bookstore purchase (online), February 2010.

Bertrand Russell sets out to explain why philosophy is important. He's probably right, but I didn't find it very interesting. Relatively accessible, but there are times where he states that we can take for granted something I wasn't so sure we could, but maybe that's because I know about postmodernism.  He also has a tendency to be a bit dismissive of positions as obviously mistaken just after he's told you someone presumably quite smart holds that position.  There's quite a lot of discussions of tables. (The thing you put your dinner on, not the math kind.)


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