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Audio Reviews: Animal; Ghost Light; Recorded Time and other stories

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17 September 2011 | 01:45 pm

I fell a little behind on these, mostly because seven-hour audiobooks turn out to take quite a while when you listen to stories in fifteen-minute spurts while cooking, cleaning, or walking to the coffeeshop.  But here we go, three more reviews for Unreality.

  • Doctor Who: The Lost Stories #2.5: Animal. Amazingly, each seventh Doctor Lost Story is worse than the one before it.  I can't wait for Earth Aid so this whole mess is over.  Not even Brigadier Bambera could save this.
  • Doctor Who: Ghost Light. Thankfully, this story exists to remind me when the seventh Doctor and Ace were well-written characters participating in well-written adventures.  The novel of Ghost Light isn't as striking as its television counterpart, but it is still pretty good, even if I don't think I have the stamina for audiobooks.  I could have read this in a quarter of the time!
  • Doctor Who #150: Recorded Time and other stories. I really like Big Finish's occasional releases that contain four one-part stories, but unfortunately this is the weakest yet.  Doubly unfortunate, given that this is the historic 150th release.  But hey, 150!  And this one has Thomas Hardy jokes.

P.S. LiveJournal, the new text editor still sucks.  Only laziness is keeping me here at this point.

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