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It's the 2007/08 reading roundup!

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27 September 2008 | 04:55 pm

It was in September of 2003 that I first sat down and recorded all of the books that I read that month.  Actually, what I started doing was keeping a log of what books I was going to read (my "To be read" list was an unmanageable dozen or so), but it was easy enough to move them from a "To be read" section to a "Recently read" section, and so my now 22-page reading log was born.  As a result, my "reading year" runs from September to August.

To my surprise, this was actually the best year I've had since I started logging, with 152 books (12.7 per month).  No doubt it's been helped along by all those comics I read these days.  Graduating from college no doubt helped, as did the sea-change of effectively not having a girlfriend for about half the year.

Of course, I also tabulate information such as genre/series, and this is what I know about my reading habits this year:

Star Trek322.721.1%
Doctor Who201.713.2%
Star Wars191.612.5%
The Prisoner10.10.7%
Media Tie-In Subtotal
Isaac Asimov [1]90.85.9%
Tamora Pierce30.32.0%
Stanislaw Lem10.10.7%
Piers Anthony10.10.7%
Dragonriders of Pern10.10.7%
J.R.R. Tolkien10.10.7%
Other Science
General SF&F Subtotal312.620.4%
Starslip Crisis20.21.3%
Other Comic Books [2]161.310.5%
Comic Book Subtotal181.511.8%
Horatio Hornblower50.43.3%
Alexandria Quartet40.32.6%
Italo Calvino20.21.3%
A Series of 
Unfortunate Events
Jeeves and Wooster10.10.7%
Thomas Hardy10.10.7%
Other Literature100.86.6%
Literature Subtotal252.116.4%
Other Nonfiction [3]50.43.3%

NOTE [1]: This includes books not by Asimov, but set in his universe(s), such as Roger MacBride Allen's Caliban trilogy.
NOTE [2]: Comic books belonging to one of the particular media tie-ins are counted with that tie-in, so this would predominantly be superhero comics.
NOTE [3]: Nonfiction connected to a particular TV series is included with that TV series's total.

Or we can look at this graphically, with the largest category spun off:

Almost half of what I read is media tie-ins.  There's a surprise.  But actually things have changed a bit since I started keeping these logs:

Star Trek41.1%38.6%25.5%14.7%21.2%28.3%
Doctor Who16.6%15.7%18.4%11.6%13.2%15.1%
Star Wars10.6%11.8%11.3%15.5%12.5%12.3%
Other Tie-In0.7%6.3%3.5%3.1%1.3%2.9%
General SF&F17.2%6.3%22.7%15.5%21.7%17.0%
Comic Books 0.0%4.7%0.7%5.4%11.8%4.6%
PER MONTH12.510.611.8

Tie-ins took a dip in 2006/07, while literature doubled, probably because I took more English classes that year than before or since, and they were all extremely reading-intensive.  And, correspondingly, they were back up a bit this year. So of course literature was back down this past year, but no doubt the coming two years will reverse that trend!  Comics were obviously also a big thing this year-- quelle suprise.  I'm pleased to see that my general SF&F remains strong-- I feel my reading here is deficient here a lot, and I'm trying to rectify that.

My reading of Star Wars and Doctor Who books have pretty much remained constant, mostly I suspect because I buy certain books steadily every time they come out-- what reason would there be for fluctuation?  The Star Trek decrease no doubt comes from the curtailing of the novel line as well as the fact that I no longer actively seek out older Star Trek books.  I might not have them all, but I have all the ones I want. (Aside from The Galactic Whirlpool, dangit!)

No doubt next year these charts will be much sparser.  Everyone tells me grad school leaves no time for pleasure reading, but I intend to try.  Or I could just do my dissertation on Star Trek books.


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Comments {3}


(no subject)

from: hayleyscomet
date: 28 September 2008 01:04 am (UTC)

Or I could just do my dissertation on Star Trek books.

While I'm doing field work and statistical analyses and GIS work and conducting interviews... you'll be reading Star Trek books. This is fair?

At least I could enlist your help with the figures for my thesis.

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(no subject)

from: anonymous
date: 29 September 2008 03:47 am (UTC)

Steve, you're a dork.

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(no subject)

from: anonymous
date: 02 October 2008 11:57 pm (UTC)

Star Trek and Literature are separate categories?

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